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Cloud Based EMR

The Healthcare industry is transforming with the advent of technology. Hospitals of the future will be more and more reliant on digital technologies. The “knowledge” derived from the data captured from these new technologies will drastically transform Healthcare delivery. The computing power of AI will drastically cut the time. Healthcare providers spend analyzing Patient data and improving Health care plans. We are on the journey to help hospitals transform the way they keep their records and ensure that it is safe, convenient and cost effective to do so.

"Welcome to the next generation of Hospitals"

We Present

A Cloud based EMR service that

  • Is Easy To Deploy
  • Does Not Need Hardware On-Premise
  • No IT Resources Required
  • Almost Zero Investment
  • Quick Deployment
  • Access To Best Practices
  • Implemented Across The Globe

We Add Value At Every Step

Leveraging innovation to deliver value to the ecosystem

Makes information accessible

Instant access to patient information anywhere, anytime on smartphones and tablets for informed decision making

Unifies Collaboration

Bringing communication and information in one place, available anywhere, anytime on portable devices

Increases Productivity

Automate front desk activities, increase reach through virtual care delivery beyond hospital boundaries before or after visits

Improves Patient Outcomes

Leverage intelligent insights from rich, structured clinical workflow data to identify best practices and bottlenecks in care delivery

PX - For Patients

A connected healthcare experience on the go for the entire family

Doctors & Appointments

Browse available specialties and services at the hospital, check schedules and book online

Personal Health Record

Secure access to visit history, discharge summaries, results, take home prescription schedules. Upload and share information.

Collaborative Care Plans

Provider assisted, self managed care plans and patient self education protocols with push reminders

Billing & Insurance

Billing accounts with online payments, integrated payer policy management and approval tracking

Emergency services

Helps identify the nearest facility with emergency services, sends an SOS with user’s location and sets navigation

Virtual consultations

Connect & Follow up with hospital consultants and care coordinators anywhere, anytime through video.

Patient Self services

Register online and check in to the outpatient clinic directly from the mobile device skipping queues.

Complaints & Feedback

Raise complaints or give feedback using the mobile app

MD - For Doctors and Clinical Professionals

A connected healthcare experience on the go for the entire family

Anytime, Anywhere EMR

Patient EMR on mobile with seamless integration to existing EHR

Mobile clinical workflows

Quickly implement processes and measure compliance using smart mobile workflows


Place orders and track order status


Upcoming appointment calendars with alerts and reminders

Clinical Alerts

Real time patient centric alerts and notifications

Notes & Assessments

Touch friendly, workflow enabled smart forms with photographic attachments , Smart forms using OCR

Mobile Referrals

Patient referrals with notifications and EMR access

Patient Centric Team Messaging

Secure patient centric, team instant messaging

Benefits Different Stakeholders

We are revolutionizing productivity


• Upto 60% reduction
in documentation
• 50% more time for patient
interaction at bedside
• 100% referral
fulfilment and;
• 30% improved response
times for referrals


• 30-60 min a day spent on
reports follow up saved per nurse
• Helps ensure 100% compliance
towards inpatient care plan documentation (JCI)
• Upto 1 hour per shift
saved per nurse for handovers

Hospital Admin

• Automated tracking of visits
and point of care tests decreases leakages by upto 30%
• 50% reduction in discharge
times through automated workflows
• TAT for incident management
down from 7 days to 72 hours


• Hours saved in travel to
the hospital to collect
physical reports
• 24/7 availability of self
service appointments saves time waiting on IVR
• Instant escalation on feedback
and complaints can guarantee
immediate remediation

The Platform is Secure and Robust

We understand the need of security of the data

Secure Communication

SSL encrypted eco system with end to end encryption of all communication using industry standards

Patient Data Security

User secure PIN mandatory to access their patient information. Patient data including messages are removed from the devices once application is closed.

Real Time Architecture

Real time, context aware architecture to push relevant information along with targeted notifications to user devices as and when they are available.

Mobile First

Designed for smart phones and tablets,
Healthplug apps support a range of mobile devices running Apple iOS or Google Android

Device Level Authentication

User identities linked to mobile devices. Users must authorize their devices using a one time password sent to the registered mobile number before they can use a device.

Patient Provider Relationship

Patient provider relationship is automatically established based on admitting team and location. Self claimed relationships are fully auditable.

Multi Tenancy Support

Integrate multiple organizations on a single network and enable cross organization workflows such as referrals and patient data sharing

Flexible Deployment

Future ready platform that can be deployed within private networks and can be scaled into a private cloud or securely deployed on a public cloud infrastructure

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