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Telecom Industry

Businesses need to step up with the growing customer demands, optimize their existing IT ecosystem and migrate to a technology that can ensure seamless customer experience which will retain customers in order to stay ahead of the complex competitive environment.

GRS Cloud based contact centre do just that since we are a network based service which owns and operates call centre technology; Thereby providing its services remotely to businesses in a subscription model. GRS Cloud-based call centres are offering an innovative way to approach the pitfalls of your business. It improves customer interaction and drives customer satisfaction.


An omni-channel contact center solution that is hosted on the cloud with agents logging in remotely over a web interface receiving/ making calls over IP phone or using webRTC. This means that the infrastructure needed by the call center as well as the agents are minimal at best.”

Call Management

Dedicated direct calling user extensions

Personal voicemails & Team

Outbound calls – Manual, preview and predictive

Blended calls (inbound and outbound)

Scheduled call-backs (manual & auto)

Campaign Monitoring

Multi-lead list per campaign

Campaign defined script

Custom caller ID – campaign specific

Custom call statuses and call dispositions

Hotkeys for quick hang-up and call dispositions

Filter leads (dynamically exclude numbers from lists)

Lead Management

Upload and download of customer lists

Leads filtering

Leads recycle

Internal DNC and blacklist

Leads time zone restrictions

  • Engage in personalized, efficient interactions that produce a positive experience and promote future sales opportunities.
  • Maximize productivity and provide premium service to customers using predictive dialling and sophisticated call processing tools.
  • Effectively manage campaigns using flexible, robust list management & decision support tools.
  • Improve agent efficiency and Reduced idle time significant reduction of unproductive agent time.
  • Increase productivity by ensuring agents spend their time talking to customers and prospects, rather than non- live contacts.
  • Inbound, Outbound and Blended call handling and Inbound Email handling.
  • Outbound agent-controlled, broadcast and predictive dialling.
  • Full USA, Canada and UK regulatory compliance capability.
  • Web-based agent and administrative interfaces
  • Ability to have agents operate remotely.
  • Integrated call recording
  • Three-Way calling within the agent application
  • Scheduled Callbacks: Agent-Only and Anyone
  • Web-configurable IVRs and Voicemail boxes
  • Scalable to hundreds of seats
  • Ability to use standard Telco lines and VOIP trunks
  • Campaign Monitoring
  • Agent Login/Logout Details
  • CDR Report
  • Call Blocking System on a single click.
  • Call Unblock System on a single click,

Why Us?

We help to identify the gap in our client’s business strategy which creates a roadblock in delivering a seamless customer service. With the mix of the right technology we ensure that our solution will enable our client’s to measure the successes & failures of their customer service organisation.

We aim to establish a strategic partnership with our client’s so that the solution matches their road map in customer service and customer experience. We help educate enterprise and provide multi-channel capabilities as they become available with version upgrades.

Operational & Ownership Costs:
No investment necessary in the hardware, hence our solution doesn’t have substantial setup costs. The only cost that our solution requires is a strong internet connection as everything is cloud-based.

Flexibility In Business Operations:

Our solution is offered on a subscription basis, adding or removing the users is as easy as deactivating a subscription. Also our solution allow the agents to work remotely just with the reliance on a good internet, thus offering a reliable customer support irrespective of their geographic locations and time.

Our solution works on a clustered environment and they are highly scalable so our clients do not need additional investment on the new hardware systems and resources to manage them.

We host the solution on a highly reliable hosting centers with 24/7 support and almost minimal downtime. So the eventuality of a system breakdown is eliminated giving our customers un-interrupted service.

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